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Springboard America is an online platform designed to give Americans like you the chance to express your opinions – and to see them in action!

Ever wondered how decisions get made in the boardrooms of America, by the policymakers on Capitol Hill, or how your local supermarket picks their prices? They start by gathering good information. By taking part in our research, you are injecting your voice right into the heart of their decisions - and Springboard allows you to do it right from the comfort of your own home.

Vision Critical
Springboard America is brought to you by Vision Critical, a well-respected research firm based in North America, with offices globally. Our expert team of research specialists cover the full spectrum of research subjects including public opinion, health, technology, consumer goods, media and travel - a range which you will see reflected in the surveys you'll receive at Springboard.

We partner with organizations including household brands, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations and the media in order to help them better understand their customers and stakeholders – and to ensure they take the views of ordinary Americans into account. For each survey you take part in, your answers are collected along with those of fellow Springboard members and the results analysed by our research experts before being presented to our clients or released to the media. 

Vision Critical has pioneered the use of the Internet and rich media technology to make Springboard an engaging experience for our members.

Vision Critical was founded by Angus Reid, a leader in the market research industry with a career spanning over three decades. He previously founded the Angus Reid group which grew to one of North America's largest research enterprises before it was sold to Ipsos SA in 2000. He currently serves as CEO of Vision Critical.

The Springboard America Team
Springboard America is run by a small and dedicated team in our ‘Panel Strategy' unit who endeavour each day to make sure your experience as a member is a good one. We promise to make our research as fun and interesting as we can; we'll keep it brief, not contact you too much and we will never send you spam. You can also have full confidence that your privacy and confidentiality is well protected.

If you'd like to find out more about Vision critical and our services, you are also welcome to visit our company's website at

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We would like to say a big "THANK YOU!!" to all of our members for sharing your opinions with us. We thought you would be interested to know that in March alone, over $31,500 in Survey Dollars was redeemed by our members! Don't forget to redeem your points once you reach 50 Survey Dollars!


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One year after an unexpected election to replace the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis’ “everyman” style and focus on those less fortunate are earning the goodwill of those both in and outside his faith; while giving lapsed Catholics, especially in the US, reason to think about returning to the Church.

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