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Kerry C., from FloridaI am a musician. I travel the world and play shows. I sing, play guitar, keys,and bass. I compose music for my band. I'm a down to earth dude who doesn't judge someone based on appearance and tries not to judge at all. I'm working on it. I love helping people.

Nancy W., from VirginiaMy family and I live by this quote because we believe the family creates the foundation for our lives: “Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

Daniel M., from MarylandHow did they design the first drawing board?? Seriously, how did they do it??

Alice M., from VirginiaI am 67 yrs old, married, and I am raising my 11 yr old grandson. I love scrapbooking, cooking, baking and spending time with my family. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Gabriel S., from TennesseeI am a 47 year old old stay at home dad, on total & permanent disability due to many health issues. I homeschool my 3 youngest children. I enjoy camping with my family to disconnect from all of the electronic gadgets that have over taken our world. I also LOVE to read non-fiction books.

Robert B., from CaliforniaI am a fun-loving surfer from California and a quote to live by is "Worrying is like being in a rocking chair: It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere!"

Robin S., from IllinoisI did not realize how much I enjoy doing surveys until I signed up to do them!! There are always variety and some I can even do with my son.

Phyllis F., from IndianaI am a middle-aged happily married woman, who loves to garden. Sorta old-fashioned. I am quiet around strangers, unless we hit it off right away.

Ronald C., from TexasI learned what unconditional love was in 2004-2014 when I was blessed with my spending time with my dog Max. God opened my eyes and heart.

Marilyn M., from CaliforniaMy passion is vintage clothing and reading. I am a bookworm; cannot get enough of my fill of books. I read as a way to escape the loss of my husband. I am always there for my family and friends and put their needs ahead of mine.

Jennifer L., from New YorkI am a married mother of three kids...ranging from driving age to toddler. I am a stay at home mother to these highly engergetic copies of myself. I am known amongst friends as a homesteader....I take pride in my gardening, my chickens (whom I loving call my Little Mommas), bees and healthy cooking.

David P., from District of ColumbiaMy life has been topsy- turvy.I don't need any much of using people as a crutch,I have tried to make efforts to achieve certain peaks and strive on being self sufficient.

Joan L., from PennsylvaniaMy grandfather gave me some advice that I have often considered. He told me that "there are 2 wasted emotions: worry, because it never kept anything from happening and regret, because it doesn't change the fact that it did."

Derek P., from MissouriMY friends would saying I'm loyal,outgoing,silly,and a fighter. Fighter because I've been fighting brain cancer for more than eight years now. After four brain surgeries and many rounds of chemo I still wake up with a good spirit and a smile on my face.

Betty O., from North CarolinaI am hard working, always laughing, talking, making sure everyone is having a good time who is with me or around me.


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