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April 2018

New Community Website and Surveys

We’re very pleased to introduce you to your new home. It should look fairly similar to the old website, however there are some very exciting differences, many of which are behind the scenes: 

The vast majority of surveys will be available to take on your phone.

Single sign-on environment
Now you’ll always stay logged in until manually logging out.
After each survey you will land back in the website on your available surveys page.

No more delays for points
The new system is much better at recognizing when points are missed, and the system will continuously try and re-award your points until successful. Points may not always arrive in your account immediately, but the system won’t let them fall through the cracks!
Monthly points processes (like refer-a-friend points, etc.) occur automatically now, so these should always occur on time!
Your Opinions in Action

We always enjoy seeing your valuable input affecting change and when we are able to, we like to share these back to you. Recently we had a project the community weighed in on and there was some valuable insights gained:




  • The most common activity conducted through media is checking the weather
  • 69% of people say they regularly check their social media throughout the day
  • Read more here
Member Stories

Members have been sharing their stories with us recently, and now, we would like to share their stories with you. You, too, will have an opportunity to share your story by the click of a link! 
Want to get to know your peers better?
Want to share your own story?
View stories and submit yours here
Five Minutes of Fame

Fives Minutes of Fame helps you to get to know your fellow members better and see how other Americans think and feel.
  Click here to view our recent winners and to submit your own answers
Thank You

Thank you for joining Springboard America. We are dedicated to making your experience a good one, and look forward to putting your opinions into action!

The Springboard America Team

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